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Activity of Spray-Dried Microparticles Containing Pomegranate Peel Extract Against Candida Albicans

Endo EH, Ueda-Nakamura T, Nakamura CV, Filho BP. Activity of Spray-dried Microparticles Containing pomegranate Peel Extract against candida albicans. 1. Molecules. 2012 Aug 24;17(9):10094-107.

Pomegranate has attracted interest from researchers because of its chemical composition and biological properties. It possesses strong antioxidant activity, with potential health benefits, and also antimicrobial properties. The aim of this study was to produce microparticles containing pomegranate extract by the spray-drying technique, utilizing alginate or chitosan as encapsulating agents. Characterization and antifungal assays were carried out. Production yields were about 40% for alginate microparticles and 41% for chitosan. Mean diameters were 2.45 µm and 2.80 µm, and encapsulation efficiencies were 81.9% and 74.7% for alginate and chitosan microparticles, respectively. The spray-drying process preserved the antifungal activity against candida albicans. These results could be useful for developing dosage forms for treating candidiasis, and should be further investigated in in vivo models.