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Nutrition Basics: Know Your Minerals: Phosphorus

Phosphorus is a mineral that is used for more functions than any other mineral in the body. It is essential for bone and tissue formation and development, energy metabolism, and plays a role in DNA structure. Phosphorus is found in the protoplasm and nucleus of every cell. Calcium needs to be present with phosphorus (this forms calcium phosphate) to build bones and teeth and like calcium, the majority of phosphorus is found in the bones.

A deficiency of phosphorus is similar to a calcium deficiency and affects the bones, causing low bone density, weakness, fatigue, and muscle spasms.

Recent research has shown that high intakes of dietary phosphorus can help broken bones to heal and reduce the development of kidney stones.

So what foods are high in phosphorus?

All nuts and seeds are excellent sources of phosphorus. Other good food sources are:

  • coconuts
  • avocados
  • dates
  • carrots
  • apricots
  • apples
  • pears
  • cabbage
  • fish
  • eggs