Natural Health Tips

Hot Drinks Can Help Ease Colds

A new study has found that drinking warmed up fluids like fruit cordial could help ease the effect of a cold or flu.

The research was conducted at Cardiff University's common cold Centre and published in the clinical Journal Rhinology. The centre director urged anyone suffering from a cold or flu to have a hot drink to help reduce their symptoms. The research found that a hot drink provided "immediate and sustained relief" from symptoms of a runny nose, cough, sneezing, sore throat, chilliness and tiredness.

The soothing and warming effect of the hot drink could have a psychological effect on the body and cause the virus to clear up quicker or decrease in severity.

Research in the past has also shown that the herbal remedy echinacea is effective in combating flu and cold symptoms and can reduce the duration of the cold or flu. It is believed that this herb may work by boosting the body's immune system.

"Echinacea may reduce the duration of illness and decreases the severity of cough, headache, and nasal congestion." Professor Ron Cutler of the University of East London

It is also worth trying to reduce the impact of a cold or flu by eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, increasing fluid intake and taking exercise.