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Strawberries Benefit Brain Health

Strawberries are good for the brain, according to news presented at the 2009 Berry health Symposium, a conference where the latest worldwide research on berries and human health is presented. Several of the latest studies consistently showed that strawberry consumption is a simple way to improve cognitive function.

For example, one study presented by researchers from the Chicago Healthy aging Project (CHAP) showed older adults who consume strawberries at least once per month have less cognitive decline. More specifically, women who consumed more than one serving of strawberries per month had a 16.2-percent slower rate of cognitive decline versus those who consumed less. The asbstract concluded:

"Specific flavonols (quercetin and kaemferol) and strawberries may be associated with a slower rate of cognitive decline with older age."

[Morris MC, Epidemiologic Evidence of antioxidant Nutrients and brain Health, Rush Institute for Healthy Aging ]

With increasing age, brain function diminishes. This has been conclusively shown in animals, such as rats, by researchers at Tufts University. Their latest research at the conference demonstrated aging results in a decline in learning, memory and motor function, such as balance and walking speed; and concluded strawberries and other berries improved both memory and motor function in rats.

Berries Preserve brain Function

Researchers from the 2009 Berry health Symposium described how berries can contribute to the preservation of brain function. Most disease processes in the body are believed to begin through inflammation and oxidation which damage cells. Preventing this damage is vital because healthy nerve cell membranes promote optimal communication within the brain and nervous system. Numerous antioxidant substances that can prevent or reduce these effects have been identified in berries.

Strawberries Are Health-Protective

Strawberries not only benefit brain health, but contain a wealth of other health-promoting benefits. This superfood is packed with the immunity-booting Vitamin C, and is rich in fiber for a healthy digestive system. Strawberries also contain ellagic acid, a phytochemical shown to help fight cancer and destroy some of the toxins in polluted air. Their B-vitamin content makes them useful for supporting the nervous system and fighting stress-related conditions, as well as building resistance to disease.