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Dentist Explains Why Fluoride in Water is Harmful
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We have posted many articles previously addressing the policies of compulsory water fluoridation that are built upon the erroneous health claims of systemic intake of fluoride. Whilst most European countries do not fluoridate their water on the basis that forced medication is unethical, some countries continue to seek a policy of compulsory fluoridation in the name of public health. Fluoride is an active compound in a large number of anti-depressant medications. As an example, Prozac is a fluorinated drug called "fluoxetine". Paxil is another example. Both of these drugs contain fluoride (and chloride). Trace amounts of arsenic (and other unwanted or harmful minerals) are also routinely found in fluoridated water. And much has now been discovered about the toxicity of fluoride to the human body.

First, a video is a news clip covering the issue. Note that there is a mention in this video about "topical application" of fluoride to teeth (i.e. brushing with fluoride containing toothpaste) having a benefit. While this is true, the value of this is now being questioned in light of the wide range of adverse effects of fluoride on the human body.

Another note about fluoride that occurs naturally that has been referred to in the above video. Although fluoride does occur in foods naturally it is in a different form from sodium fluoride (and sodium fluorosilicate, and luorosilicic acid) and does not share the same levels of toxicity or danger of the latter, which are industrial waste byproducts.

Next, is a short five minute video by a general and cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Bill Osmunson who nicely summarizes the issues with fluoride in water. We've chosen this video because Dr. Osmunson is someone who staunchly supported fluoridation in water before researching and finding out the facts.

Finally, a great video. The points made by Dr. J. William Hirzy in this congressional hearing are excellent and they reveal that public health agencies can dictate policies that are not necessarily in the interest of the public, and that advances in knowledge can make previously held "scientifically-validated" beliefs to be extremely shaky - remember the claims of smoking cigarettes being good for asthma and health in general many long decades ago.

Some Notes

  • Fluoride is NOT an essential nutrient or mineral
  • Fluoride increases the absorption of other harmful elements such as lead
  • Fluoride causes genetic damage
  • Fluoride disrupts thyroid function
  • Fluoride disrupts the immune system
  • Fluoride is associated with bone fractures and bone cancer
  • Fluoride inactivates enzymes and prevents antibody formation

This is just the tip of the iceberg. In other articles inshaa'Allaah, we will cover some of these areas in more detail. If you want a good background into the history of water fluoridation, you can watch Christopher Bryson's fluoride deception video on this site.

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