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The Medicine of the Heart and Body Is of Three Types and the Heart's Health Is a Foundation for the Body's Health

Posted by abuiyaad on Monday, January 07, 2019
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Bismillāh wal-Ḥamdulillāh.

Medicine is divided into the medicine of the heart and the medicine of the body. This division is itself based upon the division of sickness. Sickness is of two types, that of the heart and that of the body.

As for the foundations of the medicine of the body, they are three, as indicated by Ibn al-Qayyim:

Maintaining and protecting existing health. This incorporates nutrition, diet and lifestyle habits which must be adhered to.

Warding off harm to existing health. This incorporates the avoidance of whatever is harmful in terms of nutrition, diet, environment and lifestyle.

Removal of toxins, foreign bodies that are cause of sickness. This returns to the ways and means known through experience and experimentation, investigation and study.

This medicine is known by experimentation and experience. The Prophetic medicine is the most superior form of medicine, as indicated by Ibn al-Qayyim.

As for the foundations of the medicine of the heart, they are three:

Preservation of strength through fulfilling the commands. This is achieved with adherence to the obligations and recommendations, which preserve and increase faith (eemaan).

Warding off harm by avoiding the prohibitions. Keeping away from sin, disobedience, oppression and the likes.

Removal of harmful statements and deeds. This is done through repentance, remembrance and seeking forgiveness which erase evil deeds and their harms and help in purifying the heart and soul.

The medicine and cure of the heart takes priority over the medicine of the body and is the foundation for the medicine of the body.

This type of cure (for the heart and soul) cannot be reached except through the Prophets and Messengers through the medium of revelation. Whoever combines between the medicine of the heart and the medicine of the body will receive the bounties of this life and the next.


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