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Fascinating Facts about Bananas
Posted by SoundHealth on Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Bananas are an excellent natural fast food, providing 'moderate-releasing' sugars that give an instant, sustained energy boost, without the side effects of a junk food bi ...
Drinking Too Much Cola Associated With Potassium Deficiency
Posted by SoundHealth on Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Drinking cola each day is associated with causing severe and possibly fatal potassium deficiency, a study by researchers from the University of Ioannina, Greece suggests. ...
Nutrition Basics: Know Your Minerals: Potassium
Posted by SoundHealth on Tuesday, December 02, 2008
The mineral potassium is found in the body's cells and is essential for the regulation of nerve, tissue and muscle action and for maintaining fluid pH levels in the body. ...
Potassium: A Mineral With Many Essential Roles
Posted by SoundHealth on Tuesday, June 02, 2009
Of all the essential minerals, potassium is probably the least understood by many, but it is absolutely essential for many reasons. It is needed to maintain the balance b ...
Blackcurrants are an Excellent Source of Vitamin C and Potassium
Posted by SoundHealth on Friday, October 02, 2009
Blackcurrants are tart, uniquely flavored berries that are an exceptionally rich source of vitamin C, containing four times as much as an equivalent weight of oranges. Th ...
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