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Unpasteurised Milk Treats Childrens Asthma and Allergies

Posted by abuiyaad on Tuesday, January 20, 2009
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Here are some research papers on some benefits of "raw milk". The first paper involves a study of almost 15,000 children from five different European countries.

Waser, M., K. B. Michels, et al. (2007). "Inverse association of farm milk consumption with asthma and allergy in rural and suburban populations across Europe. Clin Exp Allergy 37(5): 661-670.

Farm milk consumption ever in life showed a statistically significant inverse association with asthma ... Our results indicate that consumption of farm milk may offer protection against asthma and allergy. A deepened understanding of the relevant protective components of farm milk and a better insight into the biological mechanisms underlying this association are warranted as a basis for the development of a safe product for prevention."

This second paper highlights which particular aspects of farming lifestyle in general explain the inverse association with allergy. Buy Advair Diskus.

Perkin MR, Strachan DP. Which aspects of the farming lifestyle explain the inverse association with childhood allergy? J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2006 Jun;117(6):1374-81.

BACKGROUND: Farmers' children have a reduced prevalence of allergic disorders. The specific protective environmental factors responsible are not yet identified. OBJECTIVE: We sought to determine whether farmers' children in the rural county of Shropshire, England, have a reduced risk of atopy and, if so, to identify the factors responsible. CONCLUSION: Unpasteurized milk consumption was the exposure mediating the protective effect on skin prick test positivity. The effect was independent of farming status and present with consumption of infrequent amounts of unpasteurized milk. CLINICAL IMPLICATIONS: Unpasteurized milk might be a modifiable influence on allergic sensitization in children.

These papers establish that exposure to unpasteurised (i.e. fresh, natural, pure, raw milk) even occasionally is associated with a statistically significant reduction in asthma and allergy. There are plenty of testimonials from people reporting asthma and allergies in themselves and their children being resolved by consumption of raw, untreated milk.

Important Note: Raw milk should only be sourced from certified farms that abide by strict quality and hygiene regulations and have routine cattle testing.

If you like your milk warm, then you can gently heat it making sure that temperature is not over 45 degrees centigrade or thereabouts (if you don't want to lose the beneficial elements) and make sure you stir it whilst heating.

If you have never had raw milk previously, then you may need to adjust to it, over a period of a day or two. This happens in a small number of people whose guts are imbalanced. The lactic acid bacteria will help to normalise the gut.

Raw Milk From Wheelbirks, Northumberland

Wheelbirks is one of many farms currently supplying raw milk (green top) in the UK. All farms supplying raw milk intended for direct consumption are bound by strict controls for bovine TB tests, hygiene standards and coliform and somatic cell counts.

Pictures: Supply of fresh, raw milk from Wheelbirks. Milk like it used to be ... this is living milk where the lactic acid bacteria (integral to your immune system in the gut), enzymes (required to digest milk properly) and immune components are left intact, with all nutrients non-malformed and 100% metabolically available.

The story behind Wheelbirks Northumbrian Dairy Jersey Ice Cream began when David Richardson (Hugh and Tom's great grandfather) bought Wheelbirks Farm in 1882. The 360 acre estate set in the low-lying hills of the Tyne Valley in Northumberland has been home to traditional mixed farming for over a century.

Dairy farming was first introduced to Wheelbirks in 1925 when Colin Richardson recognised a market for locally produced, top quality milk. This prompted him to bring the first Jersey cows to the farm, and begin bottling and distributing milk to Newcastle, Edinburgh and Leeds.

The dairy farming methods have been passed down through the generations. Today, brothers Hugh and Tom Richardson still maintain the same high standards of the family line.

The Jersey herd at Wheelbirks, comprising of over 120 cows, is the oldest in Northumberland. Hugh & Tom have worked hard to improve the herd by careful breeding.

Good dairy practice is of paramount importance to the successful running and continuity of the farm. Cowman, Jamie Wood, ensures the strict welfare and hygiene procedures are adhered. Since joining Wheelbirks, the milk yield has continued to increase which is evidence that the cows clearly respond to and appreciate his caring, gentle manner.

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