Effects of Nigella Sativa and Albendazole Alone and in Combination in Toxocara Canis Infected Mice

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Musa D, Senocak G, Borazan G, Altas M, Ozgonul A, Sogut O, G?ld?r ME. Effects of nigella sativa and albendazole alone and in combination in Toxocara canis infected mice. 1. J Pak Med Assoc. 2011 Sep;61(9):866-70.
OBJECTIVE: nigella sativa extract has been used in the Middle East as a traditional medicine for several complaints. We aimed to evaluate the biochemical, histopathological and hematologic changes in Toxocara canis-infected mice after treatment with nigella sativa extract, albendazole or a combination of both. METHODS: This comparative study was conducted between June and July 2008 at the Itarran University Saniturla Turkey. Sixty healthy adult BALB/c male mice were randomly divided into six groups (D0-D5). Mice in groups D1-D5 received 500 embryonated T. canis eggs via esophageal tube. Groups DO and D1 served as a non-infected sham group and an infected control group, respectively. Groups D2 and D3 received 100 and 200 mg/kg N. sativa extract (NSE), respectively. Group D4 received 100 mg/kg albendazole. Group D5 received the combination dose (100+100 mg/kg NSE+albendazole). RESULTS: Treatment with N. sativa of both doses or the combination dose of N. sativa and albendazole reduced the degree of inflammation and necrosis, lead to a reduction in the percentage of eosinophils and decreased the elevated liver enzyme levels. CONCLUSION: These results indicate that N. sativa has a potent effect in protection against organ damage induced by T. canis infection.

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