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Nano-Particles in Camels' Urine May Help Treat Cancer
Posted by HealthyMuslim on Wednesday, July 15, 2009
[quote][title]Nano-Particles in Camels' Urine May Help Treat Cancer [/title]
By Farah Mustafa Wadi Dr. Faten Abdel-Rahman Khorshid is responsible for one of the Kingdom's greatest national achievements in the fie ...
High Meat Diet Linked to Increased Risk of Pancreatic Cancer
Posted by SoundHealth on Tuesday, June 30, 2009
A high fat diet, particularly one which includes lots of meat and dairy products - is associated with increasing the risk of developing pancreatic cancer, especially in men, according to a new study by the [i]National In ...
Cupping Therapy Alleviates Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain
Posted by SoundHealth on Friday, June 26, 2009
Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common conditions affecting the nerves of the hand and causes pain, numbness and a burning or tingling sensation in the hand and fingers. The following article, taken from Scien ...
Treating Gum Disease Helps Relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis
Posted by SoundHealth on Wednesday, June 17, 2009
People who have both gum disease and rheumatoid arthritis can relieve both conditions by treating their mouth infection, US researchers have found. Gum disease is prevalent in people with rheumatoid arthritis - and v ...
A Diet High in Antioxidants Boosts Male Fertility
Posted by SoundHealth on Friday, June 05, 2009
This article taken from Science Daily explains findings that a diet high in antioxidants plays an important role in the quality of a man's sperm. They found that those who had the lowest levels of antioxidants were those ...
Improve Brain Health Through Fitness and Nutrition
Posted by SoundHealth on Tuesday, May 26, 2009
A healthy brain means a sharper mind, more balanced mood and consistent energy levels, leading to improved mental and emotional health. Some recent studies have highlighted ways of improving brain health and age-related ...
Getting More Sleep Is Linked To Greater Weight Loss
Posted by SoundHealth on Friday, May 22, 2009
Getting a good night's sleep is associated with helping you lose weight, a new study has found. The study of US nurses found those who slept longest were slimmer than those who got less sleep. The findings were ...
Harmful Chemical Used in Plastic Drinks Bottles Found to Leach into Humans
Posted by SoundHealth on Friday, May 22, 2009
[quote][b]BPA, Chemical Used To Make Plastics, Found To Leach From Polycarbonate Drinking Bottles Into Humans[/b] A new study from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) researchers found that participants who dra ...
Elderly Need More 'Sun Vitamin'
Posted by SoundHealth on Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Spending more time in the sun could help older people cut their risk of heart disease and diabetes. Insufficient and deficient levels of vitamin D may increase the risk of metabolic syndrome by 52 per cent, accordin ...
Studies Highlight Some Benefits of Folic Acid
Posted by SoundHealth on Friday, May 15, 2009
Here are two recent articles, taken from Science Daily, that highlight the importance of adequate levels of the vitamin folic acid (vitamin B9) in the body. Folic acid is already well known to protect unborn babies from ...
Ginseng: A Natural Anti-Inflammatory
Posted by SoundHealth on Friday, May 15, 2009
[quote][b]Ginseng: Nature's Anti-Inflammatory?[/b] Laboratory experiments have demonstrated the immunological effects of ginseng. Researchers have now shown that the herb, much used in traditional Chinese and other As ...
Boost Eye Health Through Omega-3 Rich Foods
Posted by SoundHealth on Thursday, May 14, 2009
Two new studies have found as association between eating foods high in omega-three fatty acids, and reducing the risk eye diseases like age-related macular degeneration. In the first study, researchers found that eati ...
The Herb Rocket Is a Potential Anti-Ulcer Medicine
Posted by SoundHealth on Tuesday, May 12, 2009
A new study has identified a safe and natural alternative gastric ulcer treatment- a herb known as [i]Eruca sativa[/i], commonly called rocket or arugula. Gastric ulcers are a common illness that affect a considerabl ...
Breastfeeding Halves Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Posted by SoundHealth on Monday, May 11, 2009
Women who breastfeed lower the chances that their baby might die of sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS, according to a German study. The study found that babies who were breastfed for at least six months were signif ...
Freshly Squeezed Juice Lowers the Risk of Obesity
Posted by SoundHealth on Monday, May 11, 2009
Drinking a freshly squeezed glass of juice is a delicious and nutritious way to start the day, and new research shows that it will also lower the risk factors for several chronic diseases and for obesity. New researc ...
Probable Carcinogens Found in Baby Products
Posted by SoundHealth on Tuesday, May 05, 2009
Source: Washington Post [quote][b]Probable Carcinogens Found in Baby Toiletries[/b] More than half the baby shampoo, lotion and other infant care products analyzed by a health advocacy group were found to contain ...
Study Finds Women Who Breastfeed Are Less Likely To Develop Heart Attacks Or Strokes
Posted by SoundHealth on Monday, April 27, 2009
This article taken from Science Daily provided further reasons why breastfeeding is beneficial for not only the baby's health, but for the mother too. [quote]The longer women breastfeed, the lower their risk of heart ...
Charred Meat Associated With Increasing Risk Of Pancreatic Cancer
Posted by SoundHealth on Thursday, April 23, 2009
Meat cooked at high temperatures to the point of burning and charring may increase the risk of pancreatic cancer, according to data presented at the [i]American Association for Cancer Research 100th Annual Meeting 2009[/ ...
Study Shows Good Dietary and Lifestyle Habits can Drastically Cut Cancer Risk
Posted by SoundHealth on Thursday, April 16, 2009
Over 40% of breast and bowel cancer cases in developed countries are preventable through diet, physical activity and weight control alone, a report says. The report, [i]Policy and Action for Cancer Prevention[/i], p ...
Additive Found in Soft Drinks Associated with Health Problems
Posted by SoundHealth on Sunday, April 12, 2009
Sodium benzoate is a food additive used as a preservative in a variety of processed food products and drinks. When reacted with vitamin C this substance forms benzene, a known carcinogen. Studies have also linked sodium ...

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